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Anupriya Tuli(AT)

Researcher, Designer,Daydreamer...


I joined IIIT Delhi, India, in 2016 as a PhD scholar in the department of Human-Centered Design (HCD), and still going strong. My advisors, Pushpendra Singh & Neha Kumar, are two of my favourite people in the entire world. My work lies at the intersection of human-centred computing and healthcare for development. My research supported by Visvesvaraya PhD scheme for Electronics & IT (2016—2020), engages with feminist perspectives for designing technologies for women’s advocacy and the marginalised section of Indian society. For my thesis, I am extensively working with field practitioners and NGOs to support, leverage and extend Information Communication Technology (ICT) for menstrual health education in India.

I am grateful to my advisors for giving me a chance to be a part of their research groups—TanDem and Mélange, where I learn and collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds.

I love cartoons and believe in spreading smile :)